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Learn to Bring Your Whole Self into Intimacy and Connection

Welcome to Ocean Somatics

Do you find it hard to ask for what you want, and give voice to your own desires? Do you struggle to even know what you really want?

Have you experienced trauma - perhaps physical, emotional, or religious - that leaves you unable to fully experience pleasure and ease in sexual experiences?

Are there parts of your sexual being that you hold back and keep hidden, even from yourself?

Maybe you spent time in a religious environment that blocked access to your own desires and pleasure?

Do you feel like you’re not experiencing sex on your terms?

Do you long for a safe, shame-free space that welcomes all of you?

You’re in the right place.

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Come Home to Your Whole Body

Ocean Somatics is a body-based, trauma-informed, sexual wholeness  practice. I approach the work from an embodied perspective, instead of a heady, talk therapy methodology that dominates culture. I work with individuals and couples to rewire their bodies for better sex and relationships.



Image by Conor Sexton

Jason listened with openness and worked with me to build connection and a feeling of safety. He was thoughtful and professional and offered suggestions that were super helpful in exploring my intention in our session together.

Em (she/her), 43


Image by Conor Sexton

Jason has impeccable presence. He asked skilled, clarifying questions so that I was able to be clear in my asks and feel safe in doing so.  He delivered exactly what I had asked for, even when I invited a more edgier energy. His touch was deliberate and I felt held the entire time."

Grace (she/her), 50


Image by Conor Sexton

I received a sexological bodywork session from Jason to help me access deeper pleasure again after trauma. And WOW! What a profound experience. His presence and attention helped me feel settled and fully in my body. I realised I'd never felt this safe before in sexual experiences, like I was experiencing in this container. During the hands-on part, he would notice slight hesitations of my body or voice where I wasn't saying a full "yes" to the next offer and would always pause to check-in - reminding me of my choice to say "No", or how to ask for different pressure or touch based on my body's desires. I learned how often I say "yes" when I'm unsure or fully mean "No". And, also how to ask for the touch I truly desired for my pleasure - of which I experienced  A LOT. His safe container allowed me to release into the felt pleasure in a whole new way. I HIGHLY recommend Jason to anyone wanting to understand their body's desires and experience more pleasure than they previously thought possible!


Krystine (she/her), 33


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