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Jason is a certified Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Bodyworker, and approaches his work from an embodied perspective, instead of a heady, talk therapy methodology that dominates culture. He works with individuals and couples to rewire their bodies for better sex and relationships.


Sex and relationships are often a minefield of taboo and shame and failure for folks, yet beyond the minefield is a garden full of life and pleasure that can be cultivated and expanded. Jason walks with people into the edgiest parts of their lives, to help them find the freedom and joy on the other side.


With a trauma informed, nervous system awareness lens, Jason helps his clients bring their whole selves to sex and relationships. He coaches people to connect to their head, heart and gut and to make conscious agreements with themselves and their partners. 

Jason is also a former evangelical who understands the world of religion and sexual oppression. He attended a religious high school, college and graduate school, and has particular empathy for anyone who feels their sexual experience has been blunted by a religious environment. 

Jason has a B.Sc. in biological sciences and a Master’s degree in religious studies, and is a practicing member of the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists. He is in in training to be a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. Jason also has extensive experience in the arts as a writer and director.


Combining interpersonal neurobiology, anatomical knowledge, and specific exercises to empower choice and voice, Somatic Sex Education practitioners guide clients in the reclaiming of their bodies and their pleasure, and support liberation from the ongoing effects of sexual oppression, trauma, neglect, limiting beliefs and dysfunctions.

Sexological Bodywork® is a body-based educational modality that supports individuals to learn to direct their erotic development and to deepen their erotic wellbeing and embodiment.

Curious to see these modalites in action? Watch Somatic Sex Educators and Sexological Bodyworkers at work in the Netflix series Sex, Love and Goop.

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